Board Duties

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Any person who intends to erect, re-erect, construct or repair, make alterations or additions, should apply to the Engineer section, Cantonment Board along with complete documents, sets of plans and fixed fees.
Building application forms are available at the Office. Each set of forms cost Rs. 500 / – only

Who can apply?

  1. Owner – in case is owned by private person
  2. HOR – in case land is belongs to Government
Time For Processing Building Application
One month from the date of submission in the office after complying with all the requisite procedures.
Documents Required To Be Submitted
  1. Plan in triplicate drawn by licensed Engineer / Architect for Notified Civil Area and for outside NCA in quadruplicate one drawn on tracing cloth.
  2. FSI statement of existing and proposed
  3. Last sanctioned plan
  4. GLR extract.
  5. Building application in scheduled format
  6. Annexure A signed and registered
Sets Of Plans
All Setups Architect and applicant giving full name, address and telephone number
4 Sets of plans are required
Sanctioning Authority
The Sanctioning Authority for the Board


It will be the duty of each camp if it is necessary for the fund to make the necessary provisions for the camp: –
  • Alley and other public places.
  • Water and other public places in the streets.
  • Cleaning of streets, public places and drains.
  • Regulation on criminal, dangerous and dangerous businesses.
  • Public safety, removal of unnecessary obstacles in the streets and other public places for healthcare.
  • Protection or removal from dangerous buildings and locations.
  • Managing places for the dead.
  • Construction and modification of culvert, bridges, markets, slaughterhouses, showcases, peasants, nullahs and sewerage work and regulation and regulation of their use.
  • Growing and maintaining trees at roadside and other public places.
  • For adequate drinking water where such supply is not available, manage or provide protection against pollution of water for human use and avoiding the use of polluted water.
  • Birth and Death Registration |
  • To protect against spread of dangerous diseases and to check and arrange for public immunization.
  • Establishment and arrangement of public medical, maternity homes, child welfare centers and facilities, or support them and provide public medical assistance.
  • Establishment and provision of primary schools and assistance.
  • Helping to extinguish the fire and save the illumination and property when it starts to fire.
  • Improve and manage the security of property in the management of the council.
  • Establishment and Handling of Civil, Security Services (28) Preparation and implementation of Town Planning Schemes.
  • Preparation and implementation of economic advancement and social justice schemes.
  • Give names and numbers of rugged plains and land.
  • Order or refuse to construct or rebuild buildings.
  • Organizing, promoting or supporting activities of cultural and play.
  • Celebrating Independence Day and Republic Day and spending on them.
  • Any other obligation which is to be provided under this Act or any law that has been imposed at that time.
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