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Cantonment Council Special Yom is the Second Class Cantonment. This is a dependent cantonment board, which has very few sources of its own and is dependent on subsidy grant. Special Yol Cantonment Council came into existence in 1942 to give shelter to the prisoners of the Second World War. By August 1, 1958, the work started under section 12 of the Cantonment Act, 1924 (Section 13 of the Cantonment Act, 2006), without the selection of 3 member Barid Board (i.e. elected members). The first general election of this camp was held in 1958 and the second (c) class of the Barid Board was changed. Although the increase in the population of the population in 1974, the level of the Council increased to Class 2 (A) and the number of elected members increased from 4 to 6. According to the last 2001 population and in the presence of the Cantonment Act 2006, the level of this council increased to Class 2, the number of elected members increased from 6 to 7.


Cantonment Council Special Yol is a hill camp which is located above 3500 to 4200 feet above sea level and is located 8 kilometers away from Dharamshala, the headquarters of the district Kangra of Himachal Pradesh.
The area of ​​the cantonment is 1535 acres, which has seven villages, its population is 10772 according to 2001 census. There is also Scheduled Caste person in the cantonment area, 771 acres in the middle and the remaining area or private land is or land in the Jamal land (land of the State Government).


The Cantonment Council is Yol class II Cantonment, and 14 members of which are the Chairman of the Commanding Officer of the Station, and the Chief Executive Officer of SEMO and GE (Executive Member) and Additional District Magistrate (nominated by District Magistrate) is a member. Two soldier members who have been nominated by the Commanding Officer of the station are nominated members of the council. Apart from this, the seven wards of the Cantonment Board are also divided into seven citizen members who are elected by the adult franchise. The Vice President is elected by the elected members. Therefore, the council is 14 members. The Chief Executive Officer is appointed by the Central Government under the Defense Property Services under the Ministry of Defense, which serves as the Member Secretary of the Council.
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